The Home Hanging Lamp Glass Beats

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Product Description :

The light Studio is a brand which offers you a vast range of decorative lighting solutions. we have different designs according to different tastes like crystal chandeliers , modern lights and vintage lights. our product range fulfill the requirements of all individuals which includes a small wall light to a huge size chandelier. This Hanging Light With Elegant and beautiful shape room lighting which creates create a romantic atmosphere. The Hanging Light adds luxurious touch to your home decor with this classy Shape. Designed with the traditional classic style, this captivating Hanging Light is a great lighting fixture to add a beautiful and natural element to any room. it casts a warm and soothing light. All parts have a long lasting finish and durability.

  • Product Dimension : H-27 x W-14 x L-14 cm
  • Color : Transparent
  • Material : Beats




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