Hand Forged Iron Hardware

 Hand Forged Iron Hardware is hand crafted by master blacksmiths, yet very well engineered. A unique forging of the old and new. we design and build custom fine art hardware. Each product is handcrafted from solid hand forged iron, and hand tooled by master blacksmiths. each products is hand forged by our master
blacksmiths using hammer, anvil and coal fired forge. All solid metal products are hand forged to world class fine art standards. A labour intensive process is for those who truly desire to posses the best quality iron hardware available
anywhere world wide. Choose from historic and modern designs built in the same hand and materials as the original historic works.

This guarantees a quality of product that will stand the test of time.

Classification of Hand Forged Iron Hardware Products -It is Classified into
Handles, Knobs, Hooks, Hangers, Nails, Pullers, Locks, Knockers, Hinges, Tower
Bolt. Window strays, Toilet Paper Holder and Toilet Hanger.

Hand Forced Iron Hardware products are used mainly in farm houses, Resorts,
Villas, Bungalows, Flats etc.

Hand Forged Iron Hardware Products are used by Architects, Interior Designers,
Builders and Consumers



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